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What I'm Reading

Britannia (2016 Valiant) #1 

This comic book is fun and unique.

Centurion Antonius Axia, called "The Detectioner," is charged by Roman Emperor Nero to travel to Britannia to uncover why some say there are monsters there and why troop morale is flagging.

 Before that, however, he is engaged by the vestal virgins to save one of their own and also confronts a mysterious being known as Orkus.

This issue has loads of fantasy and history as well as intrigue.

The story ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the reader jonesing for more.

Also, there is an essay at the end by Dr. Karen Klaiber Hersch, associate professor of Greek and Roman classics at Temple University called "The True Vestals of Rome."

This new title from Valiant is certainly promising!

(posted September 27, 2016)

 5 Questions with... 
Writer Josh Dahl

1) On what project are you currently working?

I am working on the villain noir comic book series, "Rapid City Below Zero," with artist Shawn Langley. Specifically, we are really pushing our Kickstarter to fund issue #5.

2) Whom in your field do you admire most and why?

I really admire Jason Aaron. He can do big stories and little stories. Serious and funny. The guy just has a real skill for telling a story.

3) How did you get into the comic book field?

The same way everyone does, by ignoring all the warnings and sign-posts that said to turn back... and then striking out boldly into the wilderness.

4) On which title would you most like to work and why?

Really? Honestly? Right now I'd pick an iteration of Thunderbolts. I really think I could mess that book up!

5) On what project will you be working next?

I have some pitches cooking around. But the thing I will certainly be working on is another issue of "Rapid City Below Zero."

Find out more of Josh Dahl's work here, follow "Rapid City Below Zero" on Facebook and on Twitter at: @rapidcitycomic

(posted September 27, 2016)

Indie Corner

Sagas of the Northmen

This compilation of seven stories is quite impressive!

They are set in different times and places, from Newfoundland to Constantinople, and feature Vikings of all stripes.

All of the chapters are in black and white and are drawn and written by a variety of artists and writers.

The stories are all interesting for different reasons and describe Viking culture in many ways.

Perhaps the most amazing story centers on a man who is outlawed for three years because he killed another man and how he survives the banishment.

Also, a curious choice is a chapter that uses the speech John F. Kennedy gave in 1962 that galvanized the space race and shows Vikings striking out from Greenland to encounter the unknown.

This is a solid anthology. Get a copy.

The comic book's publisher, Black Jack Press, can be found here on Facebook. The comic book can be purchased here.

(posted September 27, 2016)