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Army of Darkness (2012)

Army of Darkness #13
This issue is a lot of fun. Ash finds himself and two friends fending off demons from one level of hell. The story is brisk and the banter rapid. Fans of the series will not be disappointed. Rated teen plus.

Army of Darkness #12
Thereís a lot of chatter in this issue and precious little action. But it moves the story along and is even funny in spots. Montezuma, Nazis, and one very hungry alien all appear. How will Ash get out of this one? Stay tuned to find out!

Army of Darkness Vol. 3 #11
Wow! This oneís got it all! Aztec emperor Montezuma is back and full of rage. Will Ash be able to stop him? Also, something hitches a ride with Ash through time and it doesnít look good. Rated teen plus, this issue will leave the reader on the edge of his seat!

Army of Darkness #10
Ash uncovers the Necronomicon in 1929 Chicago . There they meet up with gangster Al Capone and try to figure out how the book works. As usual writer Elliott R. Serrano does a great job of creating cliffhangers. The art by Jose Malaga is also very good. Rated teen plus.

Army of Darkness #9
The location: Chicagoís gangland, 1929. Ash has traveled back in time to find the Necronomicon, a book with supernatural powers. One can tell writer Elliott Serrano had a lot of fun using the slang of the era. The storytelling is brisk and the art by Jose Malaga is solid. The end leaves the reader with high expectations for the next issue. Rated teen plus.

Army of Darkness #8
This issue is a lot of fun. We are transported back to Ash when he was in high school. The present Ash finds him and, as usual, kicks some demon butt. Rated teen plus, itís a great story about teen angst and dealing with bullies.

Army of Darkness #7
Wow! This series has yet to disappoint. Itís funny, itís dark, itís suspenseful, and is loaded with curveballs. Rated teen plus, itís a must read!

Army of Darkness #6
Ash is back, wielding a chainsaw and making quips while carving up the bad guys. This issue, rated teen plus, continues the tradition of blending horror and comedy.