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Alex + Ada (2013)

Alex + Ada (2013) #4
This is a chatty issue as Alex looks for a way to make Ada sentient. He struggles with the decision for a long while because of all the variables to consider. The ending is a true shocker!

Alex + Ada (2013) #3
Alex is still uncomfortable with Ada and searches for ways to make her more human like. He wants her to have opinions but having such violates her programming. This is a cute story with clean artwork and is a lot of fun to read!

Alex + Ada (2013) #2
This series continues to delight. Alex struggles with keeping android Ada and finds he needs to explain why he has her. The dialogue is genuine and the artwork clean and refreshing.

Alex + Ada (2013) #1
It’s sometime in the future and technology is everywhere – even in people’s minds. Alex seems unhappy with his life so his grandmother gives him a birthday gift that could radically change his life. This should be rated teen plus and is a blast to read.