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The Bionic Woman (2012)

The Bionic Woman #10
This, the end of the latest story arc, is a lot of fun to read. Jaime Sommers takes on those who would use fembots to start a nuclear war. The storyline is brisk and funny at times. Rated teen plus, it also has plenty of action. Read this one.

The Bionic Woman #9
This is a good one! Jaime is in Russia trying to stave off a revolution by fembots who were made for war. With the help of one of them, she finds the location of their maker and… well, we’ll have to wait until next issue to see how the story ends. Rated teen plus.

Bionic Woman #8
The story line is fast-paced and intriguing. Jaime Sommers is in Russia with a robot sidekick to help negotiate the release of a friend from the Russian mob. However, things are not what they seem. This issue is a lot of fun! Rated teen plus.

The Bionic Woman #7
Who are the look-alike women Jaime Sommers sees running away on the street? And why are there well-armed men after them? Stay tuned to find out. Also, she has a date with Steve Austin, the Bionic Man, and continues to search for her missing memory. Juan Antonio Ramirez’s artwork is okay and Paul Tobin’s words are good as well. Rated teen plus.

The Bionic Woman #6
Jaime, who is one tough cookie, faces off against a lesser cyborg. Lots of estrogen-infused action. This is a solid read. Rated teen plus.