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The Black Bat (2013)

The Black Bat (2013) #7
Wow! This series just keeps getting better and better! There’s been an explosion at the city courthouse and some are trying to pin it on the Black Bat. There’s plenty of action and the ending is unexpected. Rated teen plus, this is a riveting story.

The Black Bat #6
There are kidnapped police officers to find and a bomb at the courthouse that needs to be disarmed. Can the Black Bat save the day? Writer Brian Buccellato does a great job of pacing while Ronan Cliquet and Mat Lopes team up to set a noir background. Rated teen plus, this is a keeper.

The Black Bat #5
This issue is a lot of fun. The Black Bat has to team up with the Brute to find some kidnapping victims. The tension between them makes for some good storytelling. Rated teen plus.

The Black Bat #4
We learn more about the Black Bat in this very entertaining issue. The flashbacks work as well as the hero’s monologue. Rated teen plus, this one’s a keeper.

The Black Bat #3
Our hero finds himself on the gritty city streets looking for a man with a bomb. The artwork really helps convey the sense of an urban nighttime. The ending’s a shocker. Rated teen plus, this is another fine read.

The Black Bat #2
The reader is hooked as the story unwinds. We find the Bat poised to ruin a drug deal but there’s something else going on and we don’t know what that is until the end. Can’t wait for the next issue! Rated teen plus.

Black Bat #1
This is a fantastic first issue! Brian Buccellato’s words and Ronan Cliquet’s art work really well with each other. It’s another vigilante story but is fresh nonetheless. Keep your eyes on this one!