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The Bounce (2013)

The Bounce (2013) #9
Thereís a lot going on in this issue. A superhero tries to stop people from moving a valued corpse, a scientist puts on an unforgettable dinner party, and a stranger gives a stoner information that could change his life. Rated mature, this series is getting better.

The Bounce (2013) #8
It is not exactly clear what is happening in this issue. There is some superhero action and a plot with modern problems always playing on the news in the background. Rated mature, letís hope this series gets better.

The Bounce (2013) #7
Thereís plenty of intrigue here as the fallout of a medical experiment plays out. Lots of chatter but fully engaging. Rated mature, keep this one on your list.

The Bounce (2013) #6
Itís hard to keep track of characters and storylines in this issue. What the story does is take a look at super humans and how their existence can affect the normal world. Rated mature, this series is worth watching.