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Clone (2012)

Clone (2012) #14
The cavalry comes in the form of female Japanese clones. They offer sanctuary for the clones who are being hunted by the government. This oneís got it all: action, intrigue, romance, and family drama. This is a very good series.

Clone (2012) #13
There are some creepy scenes with Luke and his captor. Also, some clones are gearing up for a battle with an anti-clone coalition. The whole issue is really well done!

Clone (2012) #12
Amelia, searching for Luke, drives her daughter, Eva, to her motherís house. Meanwhile, Laura has James and other clones dangling from meat hooks before killing them in an effort to rid the world of blasphemous clones. While this issue is excellent it is filled with violence and gore and should be rated teen plus or mature.

Clone (2012) #11
This issue is a real page-turner! Clone Adrian is rescued from police by clone Luke. They hightail it out of the city seeking refuge. Fate, however, has other plans. Get this issue and read it as soon as possible!