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Codename: Action (2013)

Codename: Action (2013) #5
So ends the series. It has been a lot of fun with the fate of the earth hanging in the balance. As good as the ending is, it seems to wrap up too quickly. Rated teen plus, this title is worth collecting!

Codename: Action (2013) #4 (of 6)
The bad guy in this one is Dr. Thorpe, a real James Bond villain kind of guy. Two of our heroes find the doctor using his “brain drain” machine to elicit information from his subjects. Rated teen plus, this one has it all: action, intrigue, and even some humor. This whole series is thoroughly enjoyable.

Codename: Action (2013) #3
Our hero and an assassin find their objectives dovetail while the Spider is abducted. Rated teen plus, there’s more than enough cold war intrigue in this issue to go around.

Codename: Action #2
This is a Cold War-era spy story reminiscent of “The Manchurian Candidate.” At least one superhero has revealed himself, making it more difficult for those who want to remain anonymous. Among those are the Green Hornet and Kato, who make an appearance in this issue. Rated teen plus, this series promises to be a wild ride!

Codename: Action #1 (of 5)
Set during the Cold War, this series promises to be excellent! There’s a lot of James Bond-like action and intrigue. Someone is replacing world leaders with duplicates with the aim of starting World War III. Rated teen plus, get a copy as soon as you can.