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Dead Man's Party

Dead Manís Party #3 (of 4)
This is the penultimate chapter in the story that continues to intrigue. The Ghost finds out who has been setting him up. There is a lot of action and the storytelling is brisk. Rated mature, the ending promises to be a doozy!

Dead Manís Party #2 (of 4)
The Ghost is still on the lam and the reader comes along for the ride. He is looking for clues about who set him up and encounters people who want him dead. Rated mature, the body count continues to rise. Canít wait for the next issue!

Dead Manís Party #1 (of 4)
This is one of the best independent titles out there! Creators Scott Barnett and Jeff Marsick have created a gripping story, a real page-turner that is a blast to read. Rated mature, this is a must read.