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Dark Shadows (2011)

Dark Shadows (2011) #23
The whole issue is devoted to Emma in a mental hospital. The time is the present and her therapist tries to convince her she is not a vampire. Will Emma live happily ever after with David? Rated teen plus, read on to find out!

Dark Shadows (2011) #22
The story is engaging: Emma is wooed by ultra-evil Barnabas Collins while David tries to keep her from leaving. The good Barnabas Collins continues to exist in a mirror. Rated teen plus, this series just gets better and better.

Dark Shadows (2011) #21
Writer Mike Raight and artist Nacho Tenorio have teamed up to create a most memorable title. The whole issue is creepy and the story lines engaging. The origin story at the beginning of the issue is entertaining and informative. Rated teen plus, the next issue can’t come out fast enough!

Dark Shadows #20
Evil Barnabas is out for more blood while good Barnabas is trapped in a mirror. The thoroughly evil Lockwood has plans for Emma and her family. The beginning is a little slow but the pace picks up about three quarters of the way through. Rated teen plus, this one is fun and creepy.

Dark Shadows #19
The vampire Lockwood is on a killing spree in Spafford. It is up to Barnabas Collins and his team to hunt him down. Rated teen plus, this is a really creepy, fun read.

Dark Shadows #18
This series continues to delight. Barnabas Collins’ soul is trapped in a mirror, Emma needs to sate her vampiric thirst, and Carolyn and Roger have a tough go of it. Barnabas also bargains with either the devil himself or a powerful lackey. Rated teen plus, there are some truly creepy moments here.

Dark Shadows #17
Wow! This series continues to amaze! Someone else is inhabiting vampire Barnabas Collins’s body and is hell-bent on creating an evil brood. The reader gleefully leaps from plot to plot as the pages quickly turn. Rated teen plus, this is a must read!

Dark Shadows #16
This series just gets better and better. Quentin the werewolf helps the sheriff find Lockwood the killer and they duke it out. Barnabas Collins is trapped in limbo and Julia is in a standoff involving David. The story is gripping and fast-paced. Rated teen plus, this is a must read!

Dark Shadows #15
This issue provides a rundown of every character in the series and their current predicaments. It does a good job of recapping recent events. The storytelling is brisk and engaging. This series is a lot of fun to read.

Dark Shadows #14
Vampire Barnabas Collins has traveled to the future (1984) and his soul inhabits a sheriff’s body. He vows to return to 1971 to avoid calamity while the werewolves and vampires have at it. Rated teen plus, it’s not a bad read.

Dark Shadows #13
This series can be summed up in one word: creepy. Following the story of the Collins family told like a soap opera is just plain fun. Writer Mike Raicht and illustrator Nacho Tendrio tell the tale well and are adept at creating cliffhangers. Rated teen plus, “Dark Shadows” doesn’t disappoint.

Dark Shadows #12
This series doesn’t disappoint! Quentin the werewolf and Emma the vampire go head to head as Barnabas Collins is forced to be part of a satanic ritual. The writing is smart and the reader can’t wait for the next issue! Rated teen plus.

Dark Shadows #11
How can Barnabas Collins save the day now that he’s cured of vampirism? How will David help Emma now that she is a vampire as well? Quentin and Emma mix it up when he turns into a werewolf. This issue leaves the reader waiting impatiently for the next chapter. Rated teen plus.

Dark Shadows #10
As usual, there’s a lot of creepy stuff going on in Collinsport. Will Emma, now a vampire, feed on her friend? Read on to find out. Rated teen plus.

Dark Shadows #9
Barnabas Collins’ soul is still tormented in this issue. The undead anti-hero shows a compassionate side and the story sheds light on his past. It is rated Teen plus.