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Dark Shadows: Year One (2013)

Dark Shadows: Year One #6
Writer Marc Andreyko and artist Guiu Vilanova have put together a really great story arc! Itís either kill or be killed for Barnabas Collins as we learn about his origins. Rated teen plus, definitely pick this one up!

Dark Shadows: Year One #5
This penultimate issue in the series is fantastic! Barnabas Collinsí father seeks a way to reverse the curse that has turned his son into a vampire. Rated teen plus, there are some unexpected twists and turns in the story. Read it right away!

Dark Shadows: Year One #4
This series continues to please. The locals hang and burn Victoria for witchcraft, a handsome new groom schemes to obtain the Collins familyís wealth, and Barnabas does his usual tormented creepy stuff. Rated teen plus, this issue doesnít disappoint.

Dark Shadows: Year One #3
I canít get enough of Dark Shadows! The stories are compelling and riveting. How much more loss and pain must Barnabas Collins have to suffer? Apparently a lot. The cover by Patrick Berkenkotter is excellent! Rated teen plus.

Dark Shadows Year One #2
Wow! This series is fantastic! In this issue we discover Barnabas Collinsí history, how he became a vampire. The artwork by Guiu Vilanova and Josan Gonzalez really sets the mood for this bump-in-the-night story. Rated teen plus, this series is not one to miss!

Dark Shadows: Year One #1
The artwork of Guiu Vilanova really helps set the tone for this issue. It is the origin of the curse of vampire Barnabas Collins and the storyline is compelling. It is the beginning of the strange history of the Collins family and is thoroughly enjoyable. Rated teen plus.