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5 Questions with... 
Creator Drew Goletz

1) On what project are you currently working?

We finally sent off our huge anti bullying project, "You Are Not Alone," off to the printers. It was a massive undertaking, clocking in at just under 180 pages of content and I'm extremely proud of how it came out. That book should be in the hands of backers, school and youth organizations by the end of January and I'm going to try and make copies available for others who want it around February. Right now we're planning on wrapping up the "Cities" and "Public Domain" issues of the "Gathering" anthology. I'm writing the script to issue three of our not-a-zombie-series 11:59 and plotting out a top secret project for the end of 2014.

2) Whom in your field do you admire most and why?

I admire the small press and self published guys who, through hard work, determination and talent went on to realize their dreams: Terry Moore, Dave Sim, and Robert Kirkman. 

3) How did you get into the comic book field?

Started reading comics as young as 5 picking up copies of "Superboy" and "Batman" and "Amazing Spider-Man" at the grocery store. It was Roger Stern's "Amazing Spider-Man" run that turned me into a fan though and I've been weekly comic shop reader ever since. My first work in the field was doing some writing on Marvel's "Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe" books and I also did some projects for DC/EAGLEMOSS' SUPER HERO MAGAZINE. I set up Grayhaven Comics around four years ago with the help and hard work of some friends on an Internet message board. Nearly 60 comics books later...

4) On which title would you most like to work and why?

The real answer is I'd rather create the next "Batman" or "Spider-Man" than to be the next writer on "Batman" or "Spider-Man" but I know that's not a fun answer. As much of a fan I am of those two characters in particular (along with Superman) I don't know that I'd be able to write them. I don't think I have a Batman story to tell. I do have a fascination with a not so well known Max Allan Collins/Terry Beatty creation for DC called "Wild Dog." I mean I read it as a teenager and here comes this vigilante with a sports jersey and hockey mask waging war on crime. I loved it. The Punisher has endured for decades over at Marvel. I think it'd be interesting to see someone as bat-shit as Wild Dog working his way around the DCU. I'm available if they need someone to write it. 

5) On what project will you be working next?

I'm helping the editors as best as I can as they put together the latest issues of "The Gathering" but that's a well oiled machine by now so a lot of my focus is on special projects. I want to make sure people know about "You Are Not Alone" and that it gets into the hands of those who could benefit from reading it so early 2014 will be dedicated to a lot of promotions. I've got the not-a-zombie-series 11:59 to get back onto a regular schedule and we're in the process of putting together a pretty fun project to be revealed at a later date that may be one of the most ambitious things we've ever attempted. I happened to draw the short straw of getting to go first on the project so no pressure at all. But really 2014 will be about getting our comics into the hands of more readers and offering more people a chance to get their work published. We've been fortunate to have nearly 300 creators do stories with us over the years and get their work out there and I want to continue to give folks that opportunity. I think we have a diverse group of comics we put out as well and I want to increase how many people are getting to check out our stuff. So I thank you for the opportunity to do that.

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