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Drumhellar (2013)

Drumhellar (2013) #4
Drum Hellarís in jail and is looking for a way out. His ghost-like pal Harold tries to warn a town that a herd of ghost dinosaurs is about to trample on a parade. Less psychedelic than previous issues, this one is entertaining. This title continues to entertain!

Drumhellar (2013) #3
Our hero discovers that there are triceratops ghosts around and gets arrested and sent to jail. Lily sets off to find Drum Hellar after hearing about him on the radio. While very much a stoner title, this is also entertaining.

Drumhellar (2013) #2
The weirdness continues in this issue. Drumhellar is looking for clues regarding mutilated cattle and has some freaky experiences. Still on the fence with this one.

Drumhellar (2013) #1
This story is trippy and a lot of fun! Drumhellar is accompanied on his strange journey by the ghostly Harold and the naturopath Padma. Drumhellar frees a bog man and may soon regret it. An offbeat issue that promises more weird stuff going forward.