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East of West (2013)

East of West (2013) #9
A prince of the Kingdom attempts to get his father, the king, to enter into an alliance with the Union. A man seeks to find out about his son through a truly creepy character with tentacles coming out of his eye sockets. This title continues to entertain!

East of West (2013) #8
This issue is excellent! The president of the Union has to take drastic measures, like declaring martial law, to quell the demonstrations against her policies. The economy is in the toilet and the country burns. There are a couple of puzzling side stories but hopefully we’ll learn more in the coming issues. This series is shaping up nicely.

East of West (2013) #7
Set in a strange future, there are several stories that dovetail. Ezra Orion is the child of pilgrims who flock to the Armistice Altar somewhere in the badlands. He constantly seeks approval from his adoptive mother and will do – or become – anything she wants. Creepy and disturbing, this one’s worth a read.