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Evil Ernie (2012)

Evil Ernie #6
This issue is pretty good. Lots of creepy action and at least one enormous surprise. Rated teen plus, it’s worth reading.

Evil Ernie #5
In this series, called “Origin of Evil,” we find Ernie in a tough situation, facing another kind of demon. Tensions run high as the president of the United States considers nuking the prison where the demon has taken hostages. The storytelling is brisk and engaging. Rated teen plus.

Evil Ernie #4
There is a LOT of gore in this issue. Ernie takes on death row inmates as he learns more about his origin. A good bridge issue. Rated teen plus.

Evil Ernie #3
Wow! Is this issue ever gruesome! Ernie finds out more about his past and his destiny while confronting the archangel Uriel. While not graded, this issue should be mature because of the gore and violence. A fun read.

Evil Ernie #2
This is a creepy book. It shows part of the origin of Evil Ernie and his journey to torment those who tormented him. The artwork is equally creepy. This title is rated teen plus.