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Flash Gordon (2011)

Flash Gordon # 10
This is the last issue in the “Zeitgeist” story arc. We find Ming the Merciless captive and bound for Earth to stand trial for his crimes against humanity. But Ming, as usual, has a scheme to get out of his predicament. There is also action in Bavaria 1934, where Hitler has acquired weapons from Ming’s home planet of Mongo. All in all, a good read.

Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #9
Ming the Merciless has been defeated and the tribes and clans he manipulated are clamoring for war. Flash faces an uprising unless he can keep a lid on their intentions. Seeking help, he enlists the aid of a prisoner – but can he trust him? Eric Trautmann’s words flow easily and convey the intrigue nicely. Ron Adrian’s artwork is excellent, especially one whole page showing Ming holding the planet Mongo in his hands.

Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #8
This issue is a fever dream of Hans Zarkov, a Ukrainian scientist who is plagued by memories perverted by Ming the Merciless. It is a great origin story.

Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #7
Ming the Merciless just drips with evil and is the most interesting character in this issue. One expects a lot of action in Flash Gordon comic books and this one doesn’t disappoint. At the end, the reader is left to wonder what’s next.