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Fatale (2012)

Fatale (2012) #20
Jo is one tough woman! After dispatching some cultists she abandons a child and thinks back to her many suicide attempts. But she’s looking for Nicolas who is being tortured by someone named either Nelson or Lance. This series is classic noir and is a joy to read!

Fatale (2012) #19
The band tries to figure out what to do with the drummer’s body while Josephine tries to leave Seattle. Something leads her back and she discovers what a Seattle police officer has done to the band members. This series remains excellent!

Fatale (2012) #18
This series is excellent! A band member is dead. How will his band mates dispose of the body? Also, a regular gig becomes some kind of orgy. How will Sommerset find his quarry? Writer Ed Brubaker, artist Sean Phillips, and colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser have put together a great title that continues to please.