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Five Ghosts (2013)

Five Ghosts (2013) #9
Our hero is in chains and tortured by a man he knew years ago. The story is brisk and entertaining. The panels that show remembered incidents are wonderfully depicted as sketches. Rated teen plus, this title continues to deliver!

Five Ghosts (2013) #8
Thereís action aplenty in this tale about pirates. Fabian Gray teams up with Jezebel and some pirates to steal a ship from port. He deals death all around him while channeling the five ghosts within him. This is a really fun issue!

Five Ghosts (2013) #7
Treasure hunter Fabian Gray is looking for some unusual artifacts. He teams up with Jezebel, a thief, to find them. Not only is the storyline intriguing but the art is something to see as well. Letís see what happens next!

Five Ghosts (2013) #6
This is a great title! Artist Garry Brown and colorist Lauren Affe have put together a fine looking issue. Writer Frank J. Barbiereís story is engaging and enjoyable. Fabian Gray must help find a mystical sword in Japan. Thereís plenty of action as he faces off against the bad guys. The reader canít help but wonder whatís next!