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The Green Hornet (2010)

Green Hornet #33
Green Hornet 2.0 is like a wise-cracking Batman with Iron Manís suit. It seems a new villain, the Frown Prince, has been killing folks in Century City and the Green Hornet is needed to take him down. Lots of good old classic superhero storytelling here and an ending that leaves reader wanting to read the next chapter NOW! Writer Jai Nitz and artist Jethro Morales do a superb job teaming up to spin the tale. Rated teen plus.

Green Hornet #32
Meet Green Hornet 2.0, who takes over after the original hornet goes missing. Lots of action and intrigue to be found. This issue makes one more than ready for the following one.

Green Hornet #31
Someone attacks the Green Hornetís headquarters (known as the Hornetís Nest) while things get more romantic and steamier for both the hero and the Scowl.

Green Hornet #30
The hero has a new sidekick, Scowl, who is taking over from the Scowl who was killed in issue #22. The pair showcase a slew of non-lethal weapons and there is a side story about the mayor of Century City. It is rated Teen plus.