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Green Hornet: Legacy (2013)

Green Hornet: Legacy (2013) #42
The Hornet and his team face off against a zombie horde and their controllers. There are a couple of surprises with the last being a real bombshell.Rated teen plus, this is a brisk and enjoyable read.

Green Hornet: Legacy #41
Action aplenty in this issue! The Hornet has teamed up with more superheroes to take on Dr. Creepy and his army of exploding zombies. Rated teen plus, one canít wait for the final chapter of this story next month!

Green Hornet: Legacy #40
There are some new super heroes in town and they want to meet the Green Hornet. The new characters are fun and interesting. Also, Dr. Creepy is still up to no good. Rated teen plus, this is a series worth reading.

Green Hornet: Legacy #39
Enter El Gato Rojo (the Red Cat). Who is this latest costumed character to enter Century City? Is he a modern Robin Hood, stealing from the rich? Rated teen plus, stay tuned for the following issue.

Green Hornet: Legacy #38
This issue is a lot of fun. The Green Hornet faces off against Nikki Stripez, a woman with cyber filament ribbons she controls by thought. But is she a hero or a villain? Rated teen plus, the body count is pretty big. Definitely worth a read.

Green Hornet Legacy #37
This story moves and takes the reader along for the ride. What will the Green Hornet do about the zombies threatening Century City? Rated teen plus, add this one to your collection!

Green Hornet Legacy #36
While our hero goes into the business of helping the needy, he has to confront a new enemy: zombies! This series is good and this issue is a lot of fun to read. Rated teen plus, the next issue canít come out fast enough!

Green Hornet Legacy #35
This issue is entertaining. Green Hornet and Green Hornet 2.0 take on a bunch of baddies threatening to set off a radioactive dirty bomb in the middle of Century City. Green Hornet 2.0 doesnít share the original hornetís view on non-lethal force and crosses the line. Punchy dialogue and plenty of action carry this issue. Rated teen plus.

Green Hornet Legacy #34
This is a fantastic issue! Green Hornet awakens from a coma to find several costumed villains taking hostages at the public library. With plenty of action, this oneís a real page-turner. The reader can hardly wait for the conclusion of the story next issue. Rated teen plus.