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Great Pacific (2012)

Great Pacific (2012) #13
New Texas ruler Chas Worthington tries to figure out who the man is who claims to represent the Universal Ministry of Intergalactia. The man, Managan, tempts Worthington with promises of leading Earth in the interstellar system. There are also interesting and telling flashbacks to Worthington’s past. A solid series.

Great Pacific (2012) #12
Chas Worthington, ruler of New Texas, addresses the United Nations General Assembly – sort of. He and his associates may have found a way to create creatures that eat plastic. There are a lot of people to keep track of but this series is good so far.

Great Pacific (2012) #11
In this, the fifth installment of the “Nation Building” arc, we are treated to the fight between ecoterrorists and the garbage makers in the world. An African warlord captures Chas Worthington – will he survive the torture? Will he give in? There is also a romantic connection between Lucy and Zoe, the former bringing the latter into a submarine run by a man who wants to sabotage the settlement. This is a really engaging issue and the reader can’t wait to see what happens next!