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Grimm (2013)

Grimm (2013) #10
Nick is poisoned by a Wesen and won’t be given the antidote until he performs four tasks. The first one is to take out an original Wesen, an older more powerful one. Rated teen plus, this is a solid title.

Grimm (2013) #8
This is a fantastic story! A Grimm is deceived by a Wesen and we wait with baited breath to see if she survives. Also, the Grimm has taken a scarf which could be used to cheat death. Rated teen plus, this series continues to delight and impress!

Grimm (2013) #7
This is a great story! Two people with superhuman powers become masked vigilantes when one takes it too far. This is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride. Rated teen plus, go out and get a copy.

Grimm (2013) #6
Wow! This tale straddles the real world and Peter Pan’s Neverland. It reads part fantasy and part cop drama. The story really moves and nary a frame is wasted. Rated teen plus, this issue is sure to please.

Grimm #5
This one has it all – action, humor, intrigue, and monsters. Maya helps her family members find a way to destroy coins that aided historical figures by helping them take over the world. Rated teen plus, the pace is lively and the storyline solid. Get this.

Grimm #4
Wow! Lots of action and intrigue in this issue. Everyone is after the coins but they come with a sometimes-deadly price. Rated teen plus, this is a solid series.

Grimm #3
This issue is fast and breezy. The Grimms face bad guys yet again while searching for some sacred coins. Rated teen plus, it is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Grimm #2
Based on the NBC television series “Grimm,” this series is a lot of fun. There’s action aplenty and some suspense. The bad guys are really creepy. Rated teen plus, this is a solid series.

Grimm #1
This is a great first issue! We learn about coins that have helped prominent people in history take control. Everyone is after them and it is only those known as Grimms who is in their way. Based on the NBC television series “Grimm,” it is full of action and intrigue. Can’t wait for the next issue!