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Jennifer Blood: First Blood (2012)

Jennifer Blood: First Blood #6 (of 6)
The previous issues were a good read. So is this one. It ends the origin story of Jennifer Blood and shows her in a cat-and-mouse game with a target. Rated mature, this one is worth reading even though it is not as good as the original Jennifer Blood series.

Jennifer Blood: First Blood #5
This penultimate issue is a fun ride. Jennifer walks the tightrope of being a hitwoman and a mother and wife. The story is brisk and engaging and the art is top-notch. Rated mature, it’s a must read!

Jennifer Blood: First Blood #4 (of 6)
This series just isn’t as fun as the regular “Jennifer Blood” run. This issue is chatty and full of double-crosses but fails to entertain in the end. The last panel, however, does leave the reader looking forward to the next issue. Rated mature.

Jennifer Blood: First Blood #3
This issue is not very interesting. There’s a lot of dialogue and precious little action. Writer Mike Carroll and illustrator Igor Vitorino offer a ho-hum experience for the reader. This one can be skipped. Rated mature.

Jennifer Blood: First Blood #2
While not as much fun as the original “Jennifer Blood” series, this title doesn’t disappoint. It’s packed with intrigue. Rated mature, the artwork also leaves something to be desired.