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Jennifer Blood (2011)

Jennifer Blood (2011) #36
This is the end of the story arc and it is fantastic! Jennifer Blood is in an Italian hospital until someone frees her in a dramatic way. Rated mature, this series is one of the best out there!

Jennifer Blood (2011) #33
This series continues to intrigue! Law enforcement and media invade the town of Manchester, Massachusetts looking for Jennifer Blood. What happens is not surprising but still entertaining. Rated mature, this one’s a keeper.

Jennifer Blood (2011) #32
What is an issue of Jennifer Blood without Jennifer Blood? In this case, fantastic! The story revolves around Vivienne Blute, Jennifer Blood’s cousin. Jennifer Blood killed Vivienne’s father, Nick Blute, in revenge for killing her father. This issue elaborates on the fallout from one of Jennifer Blood’s assassinations. Rated mature, this story will surely please even die hard Jennifer Blood fans.

Jennifer Blood #31
This series continues to deliver! In Ireland, a woman takes on the mantle of Jennifer Blood. While it is just the first part in a story arc, it’s hard to see what will happen next given what happens at the end. Rated mature, this is a must read!

Jennifer Blood #30
Still on the run, Jennifer tries to reunite with her children. As usual, she has some unexpected tricks up her sleeve. Lots of intrigue and double-crossing in this issue. Rated mature.

Jennifer Blood #29
I just love everything about this series! Jennifer’s cornered in a diner after escaping from prison. The question to ask is not will she get out but how. Rated mature, this one continues to please.

Jennifer Blood #28
This series never disappoints! Jennifer has escaped from jail. There are those looking for her and those who helped her escape. What is their motive? Rated mature, this series continues to kick butt!

Jennifer Blood #27
Now in jail, how is Jennifer Blood going to escape? The writing and artwork in this series continue to please. Rated mature, this title is rife with white-knuckled action. Everyone should read this!

Jennifer Blood #26
So Jennifer Blood is in jail and is finally opening up to the authorities. She is constantly tested by her fellow inmates and always comes out on top. The writing and artwork are excellent as always. This is a series to die for! Rated mature.

Jennifer Blood #25
This series doesn’t disappoint. Jennifer Blood is in jail and has to constantly fight to assert her dominance. While dialogue-heavy, this issue really moves her story along. Rated mature, the next issue can’t come fast enough.

Jennifer Blood #24
Wow! This issue still rocks despite the fact that Jennifer Blood doesn’t make an appearance. It is all about her father, one of six brothers who eventually become mobsters. Writer Al Ewing and artist Kewber Baal do an excellent job of portraying how life was for her dad in 1965.  Rated mature, this issue is the latest of a series that doesn’t disappoint.

Jennifer Blood #23
This one is a bridge issue and is quite gruesome. Jennifer Blood tells her tale while she is in solitary confinement in prison. She recounts everything she has done, mostly about the five uncles whom she has killed as revenge for her father’s death. The body count is impressive and artist Eman Casallos literally paints many bloody scenes. As usual, this title doesn’t disappoint and is rated mature for good reason.

Jennifer Blood #22
This series continues to be excellent and engaging. There are some tense moments in this issue as well as a lot of gore. The action is brisk and there are a lot of moments when the reader will take in a sharp breath because of the surprises. Writer Al Ewing and artist Kewber Baal make a great team for this series. Rated mature.

Jennifer Blood #21
Wow! This series just gets better and better! There is at least one major surprise, some plot twists, and revealing background information. “Jennifer Blood” has it all! Understandably rated mature with the graphic violence and adult content.

Jennifer Blood #20
When it comes to a compelling storyline, this series delivers. Jennifer Blood is one of the most interesting characters in modern comics. Both the script and the art are top-notch. Rated mature.

Jennifer Blood #19
The cover says “Suggested for Mature Readers” and one can see why. There is plenty of brutal carnage. That said, this comic book is great. Writer Al Ewing and artist Kewber Baal have created an engaging, good-looking comic book that is engaging and suspenseful.