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The Lone Ranger (2012)

Lone Ranger (2012) #21
Some travelers are stranded during a snowstorm in Kansas. One leaves to find help and is gone a long time. Will the Lone Ranger and Tonto find them in time? Read on to find out. At the beginning of the issue, two young men talk about what it means to be a ranger. Not sure where that is heading. Rated teen plus, this series is fantastic!

The Lone Ranger (2012) #20
There arenít enough good things to say about this series. Every issue is a delight. This month the Lone Ranger and Tonto help a deputy bring in some killers. Rated teen plus, this is what great storytelling looks like.

The Lone Ranger (2012) #19
This is an intriguing issue. We follows the story of a Native American who seeks vengeance against the soldiers who killed his family. Knowing he has brought the wrath of the whites against his tribe, he goes out on his own. It is not clear if this is Tontoís origin story. Rated teen plus, this is a great issue despite the fact that the Lone Ranger doesnít appear once.

The Lone Ranger #18
This is the last issue in a four-part story arc. As usual, this series is well-written, well-drawn, and a real pleasure to read. Rated teen plus, get a copy.

The Lone Ranger #17
Set in Chicago, this is a real nail-biter. The ranger and Tonto seem out of place in the big city but they find scoundrels just the same. This oneís a lot of fun to read. Rated teen plus, this story arc ends next issue.

The Lone Ranger #16
The writing and the art, itís hard to say which is better. This series is a lot of fun. The second part of a four-story arc, ďBack East,Ē the Ranger and Tonto find themselves in Chicago. Rated teen plus, this is sort of a bridge issue that sets the reader up nicely for what comes next.

The Lone Ranger #15
This is another fine title from the folks at Dynamite. Writer Ande Parks and artist Esteve Polls do a great job of telling a story. In this issue, we learn more about the rangerís past and are treated to a good degree of action. Rated teen plus, this should be read!

The Lone Ranger Vol. 2 #14
This series has been great to read so far. In this issue Tonto faces a man he set free years before, a man who wants Tonto to kill him. Writer Ande Parks does a fine job of keeping the story moving and interesting. Canít wait to see whatís next. Rated teen plus.

The Lone Ranger Vol. 2 #13
This is a ripping good tale! It starts with a woman retelling a story about how one of her ancestors came to possess a silver bullet from the Lone Ranger. It is a story about frontier justice. Rated teen plus, it is a true western, with clear good guys and bad guys. A must read.

The Lone Ranger #12
This issue is excellent! The ranger brings Tonto to a Ute camp, hoping that by some miracle he can be cured. Despite the lack of action, this story is a page-turner. Esteve Polls has drawn a beautiful book with many southwestern tableaus. And writer Ande Parks knows how to keep a story moving. This should go on the must read list. Rated teen plus.

The Lone Ranger #11
Chapter five of ďNative GroundĒ finds the ranger desperately seeking a kidnapped healer who is injured Tontoís only hope. Rated teen plus, itís chock-a-block with action.