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Lords of Mars (2013)

Lords of Mars (2013) #5 (of 6)
So John Carter and Tarzan finally meet in the arena. There are a lot of fight scenes in this issue and some surprises. Rated mature, the next and last issue in the arc should prove to be interesting.

Lords of Mars (2013) #4
Part four of six, this story is entertaining. Tarzan continues to be manipulated by the Therns, who claim John Carter is a brutal tyrant. The showdown between Tarzan and John Carter is about to get underway. Rated mature, the next issue promises to be a doozy!

Lords of Mars #3
There is intrigue aplenty in this issue. While the majority of the space is dedicated to John Carter, the story mostly features Tarzan. Will Carter and Tarzan battle each other? As a bridge issue, this one is solid. Rated mature, this is a story arc to follow.

Lords of Mars #2 (of 6)
Tarzan and Jane are teleported to Mars, where a royal child tells them of the brutal rule of John Carter. Little do they know they are being set up. It looks like we’re going to see a fight between Tarzan and John Carter soon. Rated mature, this series is engaging.

Lords of Mars #1
Tarzan and John Carter of Mars are about to cross paths, apparently. The first part of the issue centers around Tarzan (as Lord Greystoke) on a hunting trip with some other nobles in England. Then, we find John Carter at the beginning of a campaign to ride Mars of white apes. Rated mature, it should be interesting to see how this series pans out.