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The Green Hornet (2013)

Green Hornet (2013) #9
The feds and local police have it in for the Green Hornet. This issue starts with a surprising turn of events for Lt. Dugan. Our hero, seemingly surrounded and hopeless, finds a most unexpected ally. Rated teen plus, this title is worthwhile.

The Green Hornet (2013) #8
This story is thoroughly enjoyable! A false Green Hornet is recruiting street kids to steal and rob for him. The fists fly when the real Green Hornet finds out and decides to deal with it. Rated teen plus, this is a solid tale.

Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet (2013) #7
The Green Hornet and Kato continue to pose as criminals and the former decides to share his secret identity with Lenore Case. Rated teen plus, this is a fun issue.

Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #6
The Hornet is making a name for himself in the city’s underworld. Kato seems concerned that Hornet might be crossing the line so often flirted with by vigilantes. Rated teen plus, it will be interesting to see where this series will lead us.

Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #5
This one’s a lot of fun. The Hornet is looking for the estranged Kato. His alter ego takes a beating at a board meeting. Oh, and he beats up a lot of bad guys. Rated teen plus, this issue is worth a look.

Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #4
Britt Reid is about to run for mayor but a cabal of fat cats is determined to derail his campaign. Plenty of action and the story moves quickly. Rated teen plus, this is a good one.

Mark Waid’s the Green Hornet #3
The Hornet believes he has found out who the Voice is and how he or she is behind a spate of bombings. This issue is interesting in part because it shows the complicated relationship between the Hornet and Kato. Rated teen plus, this issue does not disappoint.

Green Hornet #2
Is the Green Hornet killing police officers? What about all the bombings of Century City’s industries? How will the hero get out of his predicament at the end of the issue? Read on, loyal readers! Rated teen plus.

Mark Waid’s Green Hornet #1
This highly anticipated issue is disappointing. The story is ho-hum and the action is not very interesting. The origin story, however, is intriguing. Rated teen plus, let’s see what happens next.