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Manifest Destiny (2013)

Manifest Destiny (2013) #4
Lewis and Clark devise a plan to evacuate the fort and head for the boats. However, Sacagawea arrives and they have to make new plans. And what is up with Sergeant Floyd? This title is one of the best ever created!

Manifest Destiny (2013) #3
Now the Lewis and Clark team face what appear to be zombies. It turns out they’re animated mutated plant matter. Writer Chris Dingess, artist Matthew Roberts, and colorist Owen Gieni have put together a fine title. This is not one to be missed!

Manifest Destiny (2013) #2
This title continues to amaze! Lewis and Clark come across creatures similar to minotaurs. They also try to take refuge in an abandoned fort but discover more danger within. Get and read a copy right away!

Manifest Destiny (2013) #1
This outing is impressive! It’s the early 1800s and Lewis and Clark are striking out to chart the untamed west. They have the official reason why they’re taking on the task as well as the secret one. Not only are there weird and dangerous things out there but at least one person is murdered by one of the crew. One cannot wait until the next issue!