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Masks (2012)

Masks #8 (of 8)
This is a great ending to a good series! Not only is there action galore, but there is some discussion about the law and the vigilantes who skirt it to mete out their brand of justice. This series doesnít disappoint and should be read.

Masks #7 (of 8)
Meet The Clock, a hero gone bad. He is behind the sinister Justice Party and its Black Legion goons. Heís got big plans for the nation, even the world, and itís up to the masks to take him down. The issue reads quickly and leaves the reader salivating for the conclusion.

Masks #6 (of 8)
The crew is still battling the minions of the Justice Party, the group that holds New York hostage. Dennis Caleroís artwork is atmospheric and really sets the mood of the story. A series worth watching.

Masks #5
Wow! This issue doesnít disappoint. Zorro and Black Bat team up against bad guys and the rest of the heroes try to infiltrate the headquarters of the Justice Party. Lots of action and intrigue. Thoroughly satisfying.

Masks #4 (of 8)
The motley crew is at it again, searching for the mastermind behind the nefarious Justice Party. As usual, The Shadow steals the show. While a solid read, it sometimes appears that the characters are derivative of superheroes from other comic book publishers. Again, worth a read.

Masks #3
This story just keeps getting more and more interesting! The Shadow steals the show once again but the other heroes are allowed to shine a bit. The social commentary about how the evil and fascistic Justice Party takes control of the city is chilling. Chris Robersonís dialogue is crisp and artist Dennis Calero creates a fine film noir look for the era. This is a series to watch! Rated teen plus.

Masks #2
This story line is exciting! New York City is now run by the Justice Party and it is up to the masked vigilantes to make things right. The Shadow is the best of the very colorful bunch.

Masks #1
In this introductory issue, we find the Shadow, the Green Hornet, Kato, and the Spider all teaming up to take down the bad guys. It addresses the fundamental issue facing all vigilantes: should they uphold the law even if the law is unjust? Read on to find more.