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Miss Fury (2013)

Miss Fury (2013) #7
This story just gets better and better! Miss Fury watches herself act in a different timeline. The one being watched likes to kill and is pretty much a sociopath. And, the whole time, World War II is the backdrop. Rated teen plus, go out and get a copy.

Miss Fury #6
The time-traveling Miss Fury is trying to find her true love, Captain Matthew Chandler. The story becomes a bit muddled as we learn about alternate timelines. Will she find him? Read on to find out. Rated teen plus.

Miss Fury #5
It’s hard to keep track of multiple realities as Miss Fury hops from timeline to timeline. Despite that, this issue is really entertaining. Rated teen plus, it’ll pluck at your heartstrings.

Miss Fury #4
“This future is already lost, Miss Fury. This America is destroyed. The world turned rubble. You cannot save it.” Wanna bet? Our heroine is on a trip through time and we’re along for the ride. Rated teen plus, one is left craving the next issue.

Miss Fury #3
“I know this sounds crazy but the political establishment of this country is awash with cloaked hi-tech Nazi time travel agents.” That’s a line from the beginning of this book, which is a lot of fun to read. That observation is a bit creepy because, when you look at modern politics in America, it sure can seem like there are lots of hidden agendas. Rated teen plus, this quirky title is one to watch.

Miss Fury #2
Exciting is the way to describe this issue. Miss Fury is time-hopping with the hope of stopping Nazis who have infiltrated the U.S. government. There’s a lot going on and it is full of intrigue. Rated teen plus.

Miss Fury #1
She seems like a cat burglar, but she’s more than that. She bristles when someone calls her a superhero. She is one of the idle rich who looks to don an alter ego to bring some excitement into her life. The last panel leaves the reader wondering what happened and what will happen next. This series is one to watch.