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The Mocking Dead (2013)

Mocking Dead (2013) #5
This is a fun read! The group encounters a man who is hilarious because he acts as if the zombies are coworkers in his office. Has a cure been found? Rated teen plus, this may or may not be the end of the series.

The Mocking Dead (2013) #4
This issue isnít as funny and quirky as its predecessors. Still, staying with it is satisfying on some level. Rated teen plus, the next issue should be the last.

Mocking Dead (2013) #3
This series continues to be funny. The zombies (or ďzedsĒ) are now super aggressive and head shots donít slow them down. Our heroes wind up in a big box store. The Rated teen plus, it is interesting to guess at whatís next.

The Mocking Dead #2
This series, only two issues in, grabs the reader. Itís funny, quirky, and full of pop culture references. Oh, and there are zombies Ė lots and lots of zombies. Rated teen plus, this is a must read.

The Mocking Dead #1 (of 4)
This is a refreshing take on the zombie genre. A pop culture dork is recruited to help stop a zombie invasion. By examining movies about supernatural beings, he can suggest ways to defeat them. Rated teen plus, you should seriously give this one a shot.