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Morning Glories (2010)

Morning Glories (2010) #37
Akiko is in a coma. In dreams she visits different places and times in her life. She tries to save people with whom she is connected but to no avail. This is an interesting issue.

Morning Glories (2010) #36
This issue switches back and forth from the present to 11 years ago. A client of scientist Oliver Simon checks in on Ian, a young boy created by Simon and his team. In the present, Ian gathers his friends to do some sleuthing to try and find out who the important visitors to campus will be. The ending, which is a bombshell, is par for the course in this excellent title!

Morning Glories (2010) #35
The story in this issue is compelling. The story goes back and forth from nine years ago to the present with the main person being Fortunato. Two women – one a friend and the other a tormentor – spend time with the young man who apparently is blessed with some kind of gift. This one’s a real keeper!

Morning Glories (2010) #34
This is sort of like the occult version of “The Breakfast Club.” The story flashes backwards to three years prior when Jade may have lost her mother in a car accident. Then, in the present, the group gets into a philosophical discussion about death and the hereafter. The ending is quite a shocker. This is a solid read.