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The Owl (2013)

The Owl #4
The Owl, 50 years out from his time, tries to stop Owl Girl from killing the bad guys. It is the time-worn idea facing every vigilante. Will she cross the line? Will he stop her? Thereís tons of action and the story is a real page-turner. Rated teen plus, this whole series is a lot of fun!

The Owl #3 (of 4)
This issue tackles the question of how far vigilantes should go to uphold the law. In the midst of the dialogue between the Owl and Owl Girl about that there is plenty of action. Rated teen plus, this is a series worth reading.

The Owl #2
Thereís more background about the Owl in this issue. Owl Girl makes an appearance and the Owl ruminates over a life he lost decades ago. There is also a lot of action. Rated teen plus, this series is captivating.

The Owl #1 (of 4)
This is one hell of an issue! The Owl has been in limbo for more than 50 years and continues fighting bad guys in Yorktown just as he had in the past. The story is quick and enjoyable. Rated teen plus, one canít wait for the next issue!