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Pathfinder (2012)

Pathfinder (2012) #12
Our intrepid adventurers face off against a mighty dragon and an evil cleric. There’s lots of satisfying action in this one. As with every issue, there are items and characters shown that can be used in the Pathfinder role playing game.Rated teen plus, a new adventure awaits in the next issue!

Pathfinder (2012) #11
The six adventurers find themselves in an abandoned prison. They were tricked into entering it by some bandits and now must face their toughest adversary ever. This is really an excellent title. Rated teen plus, it also provides characters to be used in the role playing game by the same name.

Pathfinder (2012) #10
This series continues to entertain. The band of adventurers are offered a way to make some money and reestablish their good standing with the people of Sandpoint. But all is not what it seems. Rated teen plus, this is a story worth digging into.

Pathfinder #9
The band of adventurers battle a young black dragon outside Sandpoint. Their failure to kill it makes them unwelcome in the village. As usual, there is information about a location and a character to be used in the related role playing game. Rated teen plus, it is a solid, enjoyable read.

Pathfinder #8
“Of Tooth and Claw, Chapter 2” tells a ripping good yarn about adventurers seeking a dragon who has been terrorizing the countryside. Rated teen plus, the reader is set up for the showdown. This issue also provides characteristics of the dragons for the Pathfinder role playing game.

Pathfinder #7
This one is for fans of role playing games and sword and sorcery. It is fully enjoyable. Also, each issue in the series provides locales and characters to be used in game play. Rated teen plus.

Pathfinder #6
Most of this issue involves a band of adventurers who do battle with a demon named Lamashtu. It reads like fan fiction of role playing games. What is unique about this series is that it offers scenarios for adventures and characters for the role playing game. Fans of the genre will most likely like this. Rated teen plus.

Pathfinder #5
For those who like sword and sorcery tales, this is a must-read. Our hero Valeros is held captive by Lady Etainia. How will he escape and what does he face? The story moves quickly and is interesting to read. Writer Jim Zub and artists Andrew Huerta and Jake Bilbao have a top-notch title here. Rated teen plus.

Pathfinder #4
This is solid sword and sorcery. A band of intrepid adventurers seeks to find a goblin village and gets more than they bargained for. The next issue can’t come out fast enough! Rated teen plus.

Pathfinder #3
This series is based on the role playing game of the same name. It is a great way to see different character types and classes come to life. At the end of the issue is a scenario with creatures (along with their stats) to be used in the game.