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Pretty Deadly (2013)

Pretty Deadly (2013) #4
This series is excellent, if not a bit confusing with all the characters in it. Some of the action scenes look like storyboards that are wonderful to look at. Rated mature, stay tuned for the next installation!

Pretty Deadly (2013) #3
This series continues to delight. It is soaked in American mythology but entirely original. We follow everyone in the telling of stories and revel in the artwork. Rated mature, get a copy right away!

Pretty Deadly (2013) #2
Itís hard to follow all that goes on in this issue but it is a joy to watch! The artwork and the storytelling are top-notch. Rated mature, this is a great title.

Pretty Deadly (2013) #1
This series is off to a terrific start. Set in the old west, it follows a band of storytellers who take on more than they can handle. All of the characters are interesting and it will be very enjoyable to see them develop as the series progresses. Rated mature, get this one.