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Prophecy (2012)

Prophecy #7
The last issue in this series doesn’t disappoint. Red Sonja wrestles with a priest intent on presiding over the end of the world. Will he succeed? While there are other characters in this series (Dracula, his daughter, Vampirella, and Ash from Army of Darkness, to name a few) they really take a back seat to Red Sonja. What happens at the end will continue in Red Sonja #76. Writer Ron Marz and artist Walter Geovani do a solid job telling the thrilling story Rated teen plus.

Prophecy #6
Wow! In this, the penultimate issue in the series, the reader is treated to action galore and a wise-cracking Ash (from the Army of Darkness series). Red Sonja is the lead character in all this but Dracula, Vampirella, and others get some of the limelight, too. This is a fantastic series! Writer Ron Marz and artist Walter Geovani have created a grab-your-throat-from-the-beginning-and-don’t-let-go story. A must read. Rated teen plus.

Prophecy #5
Everyone’s in this issue: Dracula, Eva (his daughter), Red Sonja, Athena, Sherlock Holmes, and Alan Quartermain. There’s loads of action throughout and a storyline that sucks you in. The end is quite surprising.