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Protectors, Inc. (2013)

Protectors, Inc. (2013) #4
Lieutenant Riley interviews the Angel about what she knows about the Huntsman, as she was one of the last to see him alive. Forensics comes up with some interesting facts about that. The Shrike faces off against the Predator is a mock battle at Wrigley Field. Rated mature, not the most interesting issue but the series is very good.

Protectors, Inc. (2013) #3
While this is a chatty issue, the series continues to be a lot of fun. One of the Protectors, the Huntsman, is found dead in a small crater in a building. A local detective tries to ascertain how the superhero died while getting interference from Protectors, Inc. CEO William Dexter. This title is very good!

Protectors Inc. (2013) #2
This is a good issue despite the fact that superheroes are hardly seen. A woman is found dead in Lake Michigan and the FBI is looking for help from the Chicago PD to track down a former East German Stasi officer who has gone missing. A brisk read, this series delivers.

Protectors, Inc. (2013) #1
This title is reminiscent of “The Watchmen” as it deals with a group of superheroes called the Protectors who have cropped up during the cold war. The pages fly by in this wholly enjoyable issue. At least a couple of questions are left unanswered but hopefully will be as the story progresses. This one looks like it will be a lot of fun!