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Red Sonja (2005)

Red Sonja #80
This issue is not bad. It is chatty and a bit boring. How will Sonja deal with becoming a vampire? What will happen to Dracula? Rated teen plus, this is the final issue of the series.

Red Sonja #79
Sonja, now a vampire, is caught and tells the tale of how she became Dracula’s thrall. She finds an ally and we will find out what they plan to do about the lord of vampires in the next issue, which concludes this story arc. Rated teen plus.

Red Sonja #78
Dracula makes a grand entrance in this issue while Sonja grapples with his minions. The question must be asked: Will she become a vampire? The ending is truly shocking. Rated teen plus, this is part three of five. This story arc is worth watching.

Red Sonja #77
Dracula features in this solid outing. Sonja looks for a way to cure her of her vampirism and cracks a few skulls in the process. Rated teen plus, this is a good one.

Red Sonja #76
So begins a new story arc about Red Sonja. She is saved by a group of riders from being burned alive. Can she trust them? And what has happened to her in the previous months is a mystery. Rated teen plus, it’s a solid read.

Red Sonja #75
So ends the series. Lots of battles and action and a surprise villain toward the end. But it just isn’t as interesting as it could be. Rated teen plus, wait for the next series starring Red Sonja.

Red Sonja #74
Sonja and her band face Kosalans and Turanians while beating a path to her home kingdom of Hyrkania. There is a ton of action and the reader is led on a journey that looks like it will end in much bloodshed. Fun for the Robert E. Howard fan. Rated teen plus.

Red Sonja #73
This issue, chock-a-block with action, is the first issue of the latest story arc (“The Long March Home”). Sonja and her new crew flee Turan and find themselves hunted by agents of that nation as well as by a band of Kosalans who think Sonja and company are to blame for the deaths of their comrades. The storytelling is excellent. Rated teen plus.

Red Sonja #72
Thrown into “The Pit of Sorrows” in Turan, Sonja battles many to find her way out. The ending leaves the reader hanging until the next issue. Rated teen plus.

Red Sonja #71
There’s plenty of action here. The she-devil with a sword faces an enormous dragon and it takes all of her skill and cunning to try to bring it down. Rated teen plus.