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Red Sonja (2013)

Red Sonja (2013) #7
While on a mission given to her by King Samala, Red Sonja encounters bogmen who take her captive. There’s plenty of action and something unexpected as the story plays out. Rated teen plus, this title is worthwhile!

Red Sonja (2013) #6
The end of this story arc is engaging. Sonja is pitted against Annisia for the pleasure of King Bazrat. Lots of action, intrigue, and a couple of reversals. Rated teen plus, the end of this story is satisfying.

Red Sonja (2013) #5
Red Sonja and her two companions travel to Patra as we learn about her past. Sonja faces Annisia in a setting they are all too familiar with. The story has a twist at the end. Rated teen plus, the next issue should be worthwhile.

Red Sonja #4
Our heroine is sick and feverish as two women tend to her. Through flashbacks, we learn more about Sonja’s past. The city of Patra has been quarantined ostensibly because of plague there. It looks as though there will be a showdown between Sonja and Red Annisia of Patra in the near future. Stay with this series.

Red Sonja #3
In this issue we are treated to a tale about Red Sonja’s origins and how she became the “She-Devil with a Sword.” It is an interesting, engaging story. Rated teen plus.

Red Sonja #2
Sonja has faced many foes in the arena. Now, only she and Annisia remain. Will they fight or does fate have something else in store for them? Rated teen plus, this series is thoroughly enjoyable.

Red Sonja #1
This story gets better as it is told. Sonja must help a king against the might of Zamora. I expected a “Wow!” from this series. Maybe we’ll get it in the following issues. Rated teen plus.