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Red Sonja: Unchained (2013)

Red Sonja: Unchained #4 (of 4)
Lots and lots of gore in this one. The premise is actually more interesting than the story itself. A so-so ending to the story arc. Rated teen plus.

Red Sonja: Unchained #3 (of 4)
This oneís bloody and is entertaining throughout. Itís good to have another Sonja title to read. Rated teen plus, the issue moves quickly. Another one to read for sure.

Red Sonja: Unchained #2
Our heroine faces a queen who has waited 500 years to be reawakened as well as a nasty monster. The story is solid and the pace is fine. Worth a read. Rated teen plus.

Red Sonja Unchained #1 (of 4)
This series has promise. It shows Sonja as a dark force who will kill someone relatively close to her because she gets angry. There is a lot of action and intrigue. The issue drops the reader in a spot where he or she canít wait for the next issue. Rated teen plus.