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Red Team (2013)

Red Team (2013) #6
This penultimate issue is riveting! The team is trying to take down a corrupt cop. But something happens as they execute that plan. Read this to find out because the next issue promises to be amazing!

Garth Ennisí Red Team #5
There is some solid storytelling here. The issue is a bit chatty and lacks action. Rated mature, this one is okay.

Garth Ennisí Red Team #4
This issue is mildly interesting. Itís mostly chatty but thereís some good action as well. Rated mature.

Red Team #3
This is a chatty issue Ė not that it makes it uninteresting. It delves into the mind of a cop who acts outside the law and who has to deal with the psychological consequences. Itís just okay.

Garth Ennisí Red Team #2
Ennis knows how to tell a story. However, this issue is mostly chatter. While the storytelling is solid it leaves the reader craving more action. Rated mature, itís worth seeing where this series leads.

Red Team #1
Writer Garth and artist Ennis Craig Cermak do a fine job telling the story of an elite detective unit that crosses the line. While there is precious little action, the storyline is engaging. Keep an eye on this series. Rated mature.