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Saga (2012)

Saga (2012) #18
Gwendolyn finds Marko and threatens him because he broke her heart. Izabel tries to save Klara with the help of Prince Robot IV. Thereís so much going on but thatís half the fun! All in all a very interesting series!

Saga (2012) #17
This series not only reads well but itís good to look at as well. There are at least two storylines that are a joy to read, some of which will probably make sense as the story progresses. This is a solid read.

Saga (2012) #16
Once again this series delivers. There are multiple storylines to follow but the writing is seamless going from one to the other. A must read.

Saga (2012) #15
There are several storylines here, all enjoyable. It will be interesting to see how they turn out. The ending is literally a killer!