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Five Questions with...
Artist Scott Barnett

1) What project are you currently working on?
Right now, I'm working on my own crime noir series, called "Dead Man's Party." I'm self-publishing it with my friend and co-creator, Jeff Marsick (Jeff is the writer and I'm the artist). "Dead Man's Party" is the story about the world's top assassin and what happens when he's forced to put a contract out on himself. It's a four-issue miniseries; we just debuted issue three at New York Comic Con to great response, and we're currently working on the finale. I can assure you- it's gonna be a doozy! You can check out previews of the first three issues (and buy) at www.DeadMansParty.org

2) Who in your field do you admire most and why?
Two of my favorite artists in comic books are John Byrne and Joe Jusko. Byrne's work defined the Marvel universe for me as a teenager and when I saw Jusko's work, it made me realize my art style, though very different from traditional comic art, could work well in this industry. Both artists remain huge influences on me to this day.

3) How did you get into the comic book field?
I'd been reading comic books since I was a kid, but it didn't dawn on me until after graduating with a fine arts degree in college that I
could actually try and work professionally in comics. So I was doing covers, pin-ups and cards in the mid-90s, until the speculator boom crashed the market. The work dried up and I went on to other areas in the graphic arts, such as commercial illustration, design, 3d modeling, and storyboarding. But eventually, I wanted to take another crack at the comic field and decided I was going to self-publish this time around. So about two years ago, Jeff and I put our heads together and came up with this concept for our own crime comic book.

4) Which title would you most like to work on and why?
I grew up reading Marvel, so my all-time favorite characters are the Fantastic Four and the Hulk. If I ever got to work on either title, I'd be in heaven!

5) What project will you be working on next?
“Dead Man's Party” is a finite story, with a definite beginning and end, but we've since developed ideas that would work well as companion pieces. So once DMP is done, we'd like to return to this little crime-ridden world of ours and put out a few sequels/prequels! In the meantime, I've done a pin-up in "The Mighty Titan" (by New Jersey creator Joe Martino) and the cover to the tenth issue of "M3" (an assassin series created by another local NJ creator, Erica Schultz). Both are great fun- you should check them out. There are a few other projects in the works, but nothing I can comment about just yet.

So if you haven't checked out "Dead Man's Party" yet, now's a great time to start. The countdown to the finale has begun!

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