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Sex Criminals (2013)

Sex Criminals (2013) #4
Suzie and Jon plot to rob banks to keep the library where she works open. They use a power called “The Quiet” to freeze time and do whatever they want – steal, mess things up, and have lots of sex. Also, they are being followed by the sex police. A solid issue, this one’s a must read!

Sex Criminals (2013) #3
Once again it’s hard to pin this series down. The lead male has sex while Esteban (who is probably Morrissey) sings. He then takes his new girlfriend to a sex store and hatches a plan to rob a bank. Something goes wrong and we’ll have to wait until the next issue to see how the situation is resolved. This should be rated mature.

Sex Criminals (2013) #2
“Quirky” doesn’t even begin to describe this issue. It’s all about a young man reminiscing about his puberty. Most of the story revolves around his masturbation schedule and one porn star in particular he had the hots for. But there are also special powers that are not explained. Guess we’ll just have to wait to learn more.