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The Shadow (2012)

The Shadow (2012) #22
Wow! The Shadow finds himself battling soldiers and fruit company employees who want to cut down a forest to make way for a banana plantation. It’s a fast read. Rated teen plus, this series continues to deliver!

The Shadow (2012) #20
It’s Stalin’s Soviet Union and the Shadow has arrived at a prison labor camp. The whole issue is narrated by a prisoner who knew the Shadow in the past. Who or what is the White Tiger? Rated teen plus, we’ll have to wait to find out.

The Shadow (2012) #19
This issue is a lot of fun. The Shadow and his team hunt down a kidnapping ring. The ending is intriguing and abrupt. Rated teen plus, this series continues to please.

The Shadow (2012) #18
This, the last issue in the story arc, is fully entertaining! The Shadow squares off against the vigilante known as “The Light.” It is a duel fraught with philosophies. Has the Shadow met his match? Rated teen plus, the artwork, especially the scenes involving the Brooklyn Bridge, is perfect for this kind of story.

The Shadow #17
This, the penultimate issue in this story arc, is riveting. The Shadow does some deducing and catches up with the killer known as “The Light.” Rated teen plus, the next issue promises to be a doozy!

The Shadow #16
The Light is back in action and the Shadow is hot on her tail. There’s a good amount of action and the Light continues to be a worthy counter to the Shadow. Read this.

The Shadow #15
Who is the Light and where will she strike next? The Shadow hunts down a lead to find the person responsible for recent murders. A solid and engaging outing.

The Shadow #14
Who is the lady in white? What is her mission? She injures the Shadow in a confrontation and demonstrates exceptional fighting skills. Is she a vigilante like the Shadow or does she have an agenda that is not yet understood? This series is thoroughly entertaining.

The Shadow #13
This issue is really good despite the fact the Shadow is barely in it. Who is the “Lady Phantom” who appears at every murder scene? You’ll have to wait until the next issue to find out.

The Shadow #12
This issue is a lot of fun. It’s a standalone story about stopping bank robbers. As usual, this series delivers in story and art. A should read.

The Shadow #11
This issue ends the story arc with George Orwell and the Spanish Civil War. It has action aplenty and a couple of intriguing storylines. The Shadow also does something perhaps no one saw coming, something shocking. This remains a solid title.

The Shadow #10
It’s the Spanish Civil War and Lamont Cranston finds himself having dinner with a megalomaniac who wants to unite his country by playing roles on both sides of the conflict. There is plenty of action and The Shadow finds himself up against a woman who just might be his equal in martial arts. This one is a lot of fun to read.

The Shadow #9
This story arc has it all: intrigue, gunplay, romance, a dogfight, and a fall from an airplane, all with the Spanish Civil War as its backdrop. The Shadow crosses paths with the Black Sparrow, a woman from his past. Throw in author George Orwell and you’ve got a hell of an adventure! The body count is impressive, too!

The Shadow #8
With the Spanish civil war of the 1930s as a backdrop, The Shadow and his alter ego Lamont Cranston finds sex, intrigue, and, of course, action. Just wait till you see who he meets up with next!

The Shadow #7
This comic book is excellent. Writer Victor Gischler and artist Jack Herbert have teamed up to bring an engrossing tale about the Shadow’s discovery that he could not read the heart of “a bad man.” It’s smart, good-looking, and has the right mix of dialogue and action.