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The Shadow Now (2013)

The Shadow Now (2013) #3
This is solid storytelling. Shiwan Khan’s granddaughter trains to ultimately take on the Shadow. Meanwhile, our hero has begun recruiting bad guys for the inevitable showdown. Rated teen plus, keep your eye on this title.

The Shadow Now (2013) #2
He’s broke and his agency no longer exists. Oh, and he’s wounded as well. It looks bad for the Shadow as he and his old flame’s granddaughter try to figure out their next move. Also, much is revealed about Shiwan Khan as he reaches out to his granddaughter and plans to kill Lamont Cranston. Rated teen plus, it is an enjoyable ride.

The Shadow Now #1
This series promises to be interesting. The Shadow has returned to New York in the present after taking a leave of absence in eastern Asia. Could his old nemesis, Shiwan Khan, be behind a complex plan to defeat the Shadow? The artwork appears almost photographic. Rated teen plus, this issue is a bit too chatty.