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The Shadow: Year One (2013)

The Shadow Year One (2013) #7
There are three storylines here and they’re all great! The Shadow comes to the rescue of Margo Lane, a man interviews a Colonel Clemens about World War I hero Kent Allard, and the Shadow reveals more of his origin and his hunt for Dr. Gerhard Zorn. Writer Matt Wagner and artist Wilfredo Torres have a good thing going here. Rated teen plus, this series has a little bit of everything and in the right amounts!

The Shadow: Year One (2013) #6
This is entertaining storytelling. The Shadow is after a mob boss with some kind of supernatural protection. The story has lots of spooky action and plot twists. Rated teen plus, get a copy.

The Shadow: Year One #5 (of 10)
Lamont Cranston’s lady friend can’t wait to get in on the action. She finds plenty of it while shadowing the Shadow. Also, one mob boss seems to be under the spell of something ancient and evil. Rated teen plus, this is a solid read.

The Shadow: Year One #4
While not as entertaining as the main Shadow story, this series has promise. The New York gangs are hitting the mattresses and our hero wants to know why. A creepy character is introduced at the end. Rated teen plus, this series is one to watch.

The Shadow: Year One #3
This one has it all: romance, intrigue, and an impressive body count. Can’t wait for the next installment! Rated teen plus.

The Shadow: Year One #2 (of 8)
Lamont Cranston’s alter ego is at it again – striking fear into the hearts of criminals. Always the dark one, he allows his villains to die, unlike Batman or Superman. This story is told from the vantage point of a woman he saves and ends with one wanting more. A solid read.

The Shadow: Year One #1 (of 8)
This is a solid first issue. It is the beginning of the Shadow’s origin story. It lags a little in the middle but picks up toward the end. This promises to be an excellent series.