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Sidekick (2013)

Sidekick (2013) #5
It appears that the Red Cowl faked his death. It also appears he accidentally killed a twin (Susie Moonglow) while trying to remove her powers. Flyboy consorts with Julia Moonglow, Susieís twin. Will Flyboy, stricken with grief, come to terms with his mentorís apparent deception? Rated mature, this series does a great job of showing the psychological effects of being a superhero!

Sidekick (2013) #4
This issue deals with the psychological fallout when sidekick Flyboy loses his friend and mentor, the Red Cowl. A man disgraced, Flyboy tries to get back in the good graces of the people of Sol City. This is all about grief and long pent up emotions. This is a series to watch.