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The Spider (2012)

The Spider (2012) #17
Gas mask is the latest villain the Spider faces. He plans on filling Grand Central Station with sarin gas. Or does he? Our hero is also hunted by the police commissioner. Rated teen plus, this title is a lot of fun!

The Spider (2012) #16
After much sleuthing, the Spider finally mixes it up with the Red Hand. There is some humor in what is a dark storyline and thereís action aplenty. Rated teen plus, this is a fine title.

The Spider (2012) #15
The old debate over the need for and/or the morality of vigilantism is resurrected in this issue. Thereís lots of action as The Spider goes on a killing spree. He is taking on the ubiquitous Red Hand and calling in markers with friends to get intel on his enemies. Rated teen plus, this is an issue with solid storytelling.

The Spider #14
As entertaining as this issue is, precious little is seen of the Spider. But that doesnít mean itís lacking. Someone is trying to ruin Richard Wentworth Ė is it the Fly? Rated teen plus, youíll have to read to find out.

The Spider #13
The Fly is still out there, baiting the Spider in order to trap him. And, people are being killed and nearly killed who have anything to do with the Fly. Rated teen plus, the next issue promises to be even better.

The Spider #12
Who is the Lawgiver? And how will the Spider bring him down? This is an interesting read. Rated teen plus.

The Spider #11
Who is the Lawgiver? How is he or she connected with the Fly? Those answers and more are revealed in this penultimate issue of this story arc. Lots of superhero/antihero stuff happens, enough to satisfy even the most jaded reader. Rated teen plus.

The Spider #10
Enter the Fly! Our hero finds heís been set up more than once by a new villain, the Fly, a man who is fairly obsessed with the Spider and who wants to see him defeated and humiliated. Rated teen plus, this issue is solid.

The Spider #9
Who is sabotaging Wenworth Industries, the company owned by Richard, a.k.a. the Spider? And who is hypnotizing his friends with the intent of killing him? This issue has more questions than answers but it is a good read. The Spider may now not only have criminals after him but also at least one crooked cop. Stay tuned. Rated teen plus.

The Spider #8
While sparse with the action, this issue is a real nail-biter. What is the evil Hater up to? Will Nita follow through with his command? Whatís really going on in Wentworth Industries? The next issue canít come out fast enough! This series should be read. Rated teen plus.

The Spider #7
This is a really interesting story. Much of the story revolves around the life of Richard, a.k.a. the Spider. There are some heroics involved that are just as pleasurable to read. It strikes the perfect balance between superhero and civilian life. A good read.

The Spider #6
Who is the Wingman? That is just one of the main questions. And is he planning a bank heist or an assassination? Or both? The art in this issue is hyper-realistic, almost photographic.