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Ten Grand (2013)

Ten Grand (2013) #7
Joe and angel Jehoel discuss the fates of he saved and the fallen while en route to Hell. After an attack by other angels, Joe realizes they are not after him. Laura is on the other side of the gates of Hell and Joe is determined to bring her back, despite the fact he is probably being played by Heaven and Hell. Rated mature, this series continues to intrigue.

Ten Grand (2013) #6
Joe gets chased by some goons in an apartment building, meets an old associate, and winds up freeing an angel. This one is trippy but enjoyable.

Ten Grand (2013) #5
Joe finds himself in purgatory and is looking for a way out. He encounters his own soul and takes a ride across what is probably the river Styx. There he finds the souls of people he has killed. Suddenly, he forgets who Laura, the love of his life, is. This title is a strange, fun ride.